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Pamela Cytron

Making Your Vision a Reality

I focus on working with and empowering start-ups, from seed stage to A Raise, and beyond.  For me, empowerment means mentoring and advising.  It means bringing in experts from within my extensive network when needed.  It means doing whatever I can to help your business thrive.  

To innovate, we build a culture of empowerment. Allowing ourselves, our colleagues, and our businesses to make decisions, fail, and try again. That's Empowerment.

I believe life is the ultimate startup. True grit, lessons learned, triumph and tragedy.  I'm a mom, wife, friend, advisor, and mentor. Born in Chicago, I have lived in Van Horn, Texas, Casper, Wyoming, St. Louis, Missouri, and raised my family in Montclair, NJ, while traveling the world for business. I am a cancer survivor and a person in long-term recovery. Yes, I am diverse in many ways.


Current Partners

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