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Pamela Cytron

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To build an organization, disrupt an industry, and create innovative products and services, a culture of empowerment is essential.  So, when working with start-ups my goal is simple, I don’t try to do the work for the companies I partner with, I empower them to succeed.


Empowerment means; being comfortable with what you cannot control; being confident in your abilities; and knowing when and how to access the resources needed to accomplish what you want. 


Empowerment enables you to be true to yourself and get things done.

About Pam

An award-winning global entrepreneur. With more than 30 years of experience, I have successfully grown companies from start-up to operational efficiency while consistently driving revenue growth. My unique expertise and vision come from tracking technologies and developing innovative strategies to meet the industry’s demands. A passion and purpose on how structured and unstructured data collide for the greater good through innovation and technology. 

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